Elizabeth Ligeti

I come from a long line of bobbin lace makers, but "discovered' needlelace about16 years ago!  I have the Australian Lace Guild's Teachers Accreditation in Needlelace and Bedfordshire bobbin lace.
I am mainly a traditionalist, but go a bit Radical every now and again!! The Aquilegia is the result of a challenge to do  the State Flower of Colorado (where my daughter lives) in the reticella style.  With 5/10 petals it did not fit into the square of traditional reticella, so I worked it into a 5 sided frame!  It got nicknamed by someone in the Rocky Mountain Lace Guild - who had issued the challenge, - "Radical Reticella", and I have now worked a few other pieces in various shapes, using the basic techniques of the original type of lace.  All good fun, but challenging with the extra sides!

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aqualegia butterfly and fan red flowering gum wild flower spray