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Welcome to the website for The Guild of Needle Laces. A non profit making organisation, set up in 1983 to promote the interest, skills, teaching, conservation, history and exhibition of all needlemade laces.

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The Guild today

The Guild is run by a committee of dedicated people who give up their time on a voluntary basis.

Funding is by subscription which enables us to produce 3 magazines a year.

A lace day is organised each year, generally in October, which incorporates the Annual General Meeting. The lace day is held in different parts of the country so all members are able to attend at some time.

The Guild also holds a biennial competition and an annual challenge.

About the GuildFuschias

Needle lace is one of the earliest forms of lace - earlier even than bobbin lace. It developed from the angular cut and drawn thread work as seen on noblemen and woman's garments in the 16th Century into the beautiful free flowing designs we know today.

This ancient craft having practically died out is today enjoying a fresh revival. Stumpwork, 3 dimensional pieces/ collage style with a painted background, embroidery techniques, braids and tassels are all working methods in progress today.

The Guild of Needle Laces was founded in 1983 by a group of the late Nenia Lovesey's students, Nenia, who came from a family of lace makers, was one of the few people responsible for the recent resurgence in various needle laces throughout the world.